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    • Memories about Eurovision-2013. Part 2.
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    • Memories about Eurovision-2013. Part 1.
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    • Russia’s Dina Garipova with her song "What If" finished in the fifth place. Dina, 22, who was picked as Russia’s entry at Eurovision after winning the popular "Voice" television show last year.

    • At 4.55 pm at Channel One Russia watch documentary about Dina and at 9.20 pm previous participants of Eurovision from Russia: Dima Bilan, Buranovskie Babushki, T.a.t.u., Alsu, Alexey Vorobyov, Masha Kats and the Voice show contestants will tell their wishes and advices to Dina at «Tonight» show.

    • Dina Garipova hosts singers from Sweden and Ireland in Moscow.
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    • Serbian band Moje 3 turned to Moje 4 while Dina Garipova visited Belgrade.
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    • Dina Garipova has visited Cyprus and going to come back after the contest.
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    • European promo-tour of Dina Garipova continues. 21-24 April the singer is going to visit Cyprus, Serbia and Lithuania, where she is expected to take part in some TV-programs, give some interviews and solo performances. Follow the tour news and updates at «Love Radio».

    • 9-11 April as a part of her European promo-tour, Dina Garipova visited Italy and Belgium.
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    • On 19 May, at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall Dina Garipova will perform together with her favorite singer, famous American musician, who influenced Dina’s music a lot – Mr. Josh Groban.

    • Dina Garipova has made her animated debut voicing fish Cordelia in the animated movie «THE REEF 2: HIGH TIDE».

    • Dina has presented her video «What If» during the press-conference in RIAN.
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    • As a part of her European promo-tour Dina Garipova visited Moldova. In Chisinau she introduced final version of her Eurovision-2013 song «What If».
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    • Dina is filming video on her Eurovision song «What If».
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    • Dina has signed a contract with Universal Music Russia – local office of the biggest world’s music label «Universal Music Group International».

    • Dina Garipova has been announced as the official representative of Russia for Eurovision-2013 in Sweden. She will perform the song «What If» in the first semi-final of the Contest.
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    • One day of Dina’s life.
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    • Dina answers the questions of «Business Online» readers.
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    • Dina Garipova alongside with The President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, has taken part in the opening ceremony of the biggest rural recreation center in Tatarstan.
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    • Dina Garipova and Elmira Kalimullina at the solemn meeting with the President of Tatarstan Republic Rustam Minnikhanov in Kazan’s Kremlin.
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    • Press-conference of «The Voice» show’s finalists - Dina Garipova and Elmira Kalimullina at «Tatar-Inform Agency».
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    • Dina Garipova and other participants of «The Voice» show in studio of the program «Tonight».
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    • The winner of «The Voice» show Dina Garipova from Zelenodolsk (Tatarstan) and the second-place contestant Elmira Kalimullina from Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan) received the official titles «The Honored Actress of Tatarstan». The decree concerning the entitlement has been signed by the President of Tatarstan region Rustam Minnikhanov.

    • The final of «The Voice» show took place. Dina Garipova was announced as the winner, receiving around a million of televotes.

    • At the web-site of Channel One Dina Garipova’s online conference took place. 21-years old singer answered the questions of Channel’s audience.
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    • Two girls from Tatarstan – Dina Garipova and Elmira Kalimullina are in the final of «The Voice» show.

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  2. My History

    Dina Garipova was born on 25.03.1991 in a small town Zelenodolsk (Tatarstan, Russian Federation). Her parents are doctors. Since she was 6 she started to sing and take classes at the Song Theatre «Golden Microphone». In 1999 Dina became winner of the Firebird Russian National Song Contest, in 2001 - she won the prize of the Republican Festival «Constellation», in 2005 Dina was the winner of the International Contest in Estonia. In 2008 as a member of the Golden Microphone Theatre Dina participated in the International Contest in France where their musical won the Grand Prix. In 2010 she gave her first solo concert in Russia. Today Dina is a student of Journalism Faculty of Kazan University in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russian Federation).

    Being of Tatar origin, Dina is also famous in her region for singing songs in her native language and nowadays tries to promote tatar culture in the world. Besides, in her show Dina sings in different languages such as: Russian, English, French, Italian…

    In autumn 2012 Dina Garipova took part in «The Voice» on Channel 1 (Russian version of the international show «The Voice of the country…»). She had a strong lead in the show and produced a decisive victory – out of 1,7 mln people who voted that evening almost one million were the ones for Dina. As a winner of the show Dina received the main prize – a contract with Universal Music (Russian subsidiary), one of the major companies in the world music industry.

    On February 19 Channel 1, the broadcaster of Eurovision Song Contest-2013, officially announced that this year Dina Garipova would represent Russia with the song «What If», written by Swedish producers Gabriel Alares and Joakim Bjornberg together with a guitarist Leonid Gutkin. The broadcaster explained it’s internal choice by the fact that so many people voted for Dina during «The Voice» that she is definitely a public choice and the best candidate to present Russia at Eurovision Song Contest this year in Malmo.

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